Goggleboxers vs Arthritis

The challenge

Arthritis is routinely ignored, belittled and dismissed and Versus Arthritis, a new organization born of the merger of two arthritis charities, was no longer prepared to passively accept this. The time had come to agitate for a real change in the public’s perception of this insidious disease, to rally support and to wake the audience up to the true impact of the condition. M&C Saatchi created an ad with raw emotional power and our challenge was to make sure this ad would spark a national conversation.

The solution

In collaboration with Blue 449 and Channel 4 we chose Gogglebox as the perfect platform to host our conversation.

Despite the fact our topic was very serious and the show is very humorous, the nation’s love of the show is underpinned by its stars’ emotional connections. These are real people, with real lives and issues just like the audience which instantly made it a very relatable platform.

We asked the Gogglebox families to review the Versus Arthritis Ad in one of the episodes and talk about what it meant to them, and how it affected their understanding of arthritis.