Under Armour – It starts with a bra

The challenge

Drive brand awareness, consideration, and credibility for Under Armour’s new sports bra range amongst women

The solution

Research showed that financial hardship is one of the biggest barriers to women participating in exercise, so we worked closely with Women’s Health commercial team & editor-in-chief Claire Sanderson to develop the purpose led #itstartswithabra partnership, aimed at empowering women from all backgrounds. We worked with selected charities to gift over 2,000 UA sports bras to those who needed them the most, and provided women with advice & information from experts, as well as accessible workouts and fitness tips, all housed within a dedicated hub on the Women’s Health website.

Hearst’s in-house creative team produced a range of co-branded commercial content, leveraging relationships with existing Under Armour ambassadors and showing the range of products


The partnership delivered strong results which surpassed Women’s Health KPI benchmarks across the board.

It has been successful at communicating the key brand image statements for Under Armour – amongst campaign recallers at the post stage 72% agreed it ‘inspires me to continue pushing myself to get better despite challenges’ – considerably higher than at the pre-stage

The levels of ‘likelihood to purchase’ amongst campaign recallers increased significantly (+42%) during the campaign