Currys – the team behind the team

The challenge

Deliver cut-through for Currys in a cluttered marketplace in the lead up to the Euros, by partnering with a credible sports brand & encouraging audiences to upgrade their TVs in time for the big tournament

The solution

Working with Sky Sports we created talent-led TV and social content positioning Currys as the go-to destination for upgrading your TV ahead of the Euros. The ‘team behind the team’ concept celebrated the unsung heroes behind the scenes in the football world and drew parallels with our colleagues in every Currys store across the UK.

Filming for our two hero spots took place in Currys stores featuring real colleagues advising talent Jermaine Jenas and Jimmy Bullard on which TV to buy – helping build a credible sporting connection for our respective suppliers (LG and Samsung TVs) as well as putting Currys at the heart of the Euros excitement.

Using the Sky Sports and BT Sport channel licenses, we stitched intros to the start of these TVCs to create a full 30” creative, adding cut through and authenticity to the partnership as well as being a media first on BT Sport.

The content was placed in prime linear positions around the biggest sporting events of the summer including the UEFA champions league and Europa league finals. We used Adsmart to reach a more granular audience of affluent tech adopters, BVOD for a broader ABC1 audience, Sky Sports short form VOD to reach dedicated sports fans as well as Sky Advance as reinforcement for those online who had also seen the ad on TV.

To drive further engagement, we created a 4-part social series hosted by Jimmy Bullard who met with ex- international footballers from England, Scotland and Wales including Emile Heskey, Alan Hutton, Joe Ledley, and Joleon Lescott. In each episode, Jimmy chatted about their own ‘Team Behind the Team’ who helped them throughout their football journey, and their thoughts on the upcoming Euros tournament. Each episode was heavily integrated with Currys branding.

The social series lived organically across Sky Sports and Soccer AM social channels, delivering 3.7m views in total – which doesn’t include the 200k + views we gained through the footballers posting content on their own social channels as added value.


The partnership delivered good efficiency providing a 26% over-delivery on media value. Partnering with Sky also gave Currys:

Access to talent, license, and Sky’s inhouse creative team, enabling us to create high quality, credible content at a reduced rate

  • Priority access to sought after programming, PIBs and reduced premiums- securing us spots in some huge sporting games across the summer

Nearly a third of research respondents said that the association with Sky makes them more likely to shop at Currys. Demographic sub-groups saw consistently high impact; for those in-market this was most pronounced with large shifts in top-of-mind brand and ad awareness