Never Mind the Taste Test: ASDA & Sky’s Taste Match Challenge

The challenge

Change perceptions on a national scale by challenging the belief that high quality and affordability are mutually exclusive. Get more shoppers to consider ASDA by pitting their products against high quality retailers such as M&S.

Taste tests are nothing new in the world of grocery brands, and insights showed that audiences were more likely to believe endorsements than hearing it from the horse’s mouth.  We needed to add a sprinkle of bravery, a dash of transparency and a hearty portion of jeopardy.

We set out to find a partner who could bring to life the exciting truths that ASDA was ready to share with the world in a way that would be as believable as possible.

The solution

What’s riskier than putting your product into the hands and mouths of impartial comedians who speak their minds for a living?!

The taste test enlisted independent food influencers from SORTED Food, along with Sky’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks host Jamali Maddix and celebrity guest Judi Love, set behind the scenes of the show. Over 30 products were blind taste-tested in a 3-part social series, shared on Sky TV’s YT, IG and FB. TV commercials were created and strategically placed within new NMTB episodes for contextual impact..


  • The YouTube content ranked in the top 5 of all Sky Ent content in 2023, demonstrating its entertaining, native format
  • Significant improvement in ASDA’s quality perception, with audiences expressing a newfound interest in trying ASDA products.
  • Over 80% of focus groups stated that they were much more likely to consider ASDA, with ‘I need to give them a try!’ expressed as a resounding response.

Focus groups were ‘surprised’ to see some of ASDA’s products being better than M&S

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