KFC goes to Hollywood

The challenge

To drive brand reappraisal and position KFC as superior in quality vs. its imitators.

The partnership needed to amplify the theme of ‘imitation’ which was brought to life in a new 60″ ‘Chicken Town’ ad, in a bold, disruptive and engaging way.

The solution

We partnered with DCM to create a content series of spoof openings to 5 blockbuster films throughout the year, including The Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Godzilla. The contextualised partnership heroed Hollywood and KFC as the best destinations for film and chicken respectively, playing on the idea of imitation.

We also used Cinemaper, DCM’s cinema proximity planning tool to implement data driven end cards, targeting viewers at a local level to drive then to their nearest KFC after the film, making the user experience even more personalised.


Research shows that the partnership had a positive impact on quality brand perceptions, with post respondents 11% more likely to agree ?KFC is a modern brand? and 9% more likely agree ?KFC is a trustworthy brand?.

The creative helped KFC land key campaign messages with post respondents 9% more likely to agree ?KFC serves better chicken than other imitators’.

The partnership also shifted consideration metrics with 77% of post respondents considering KFC when choosing a fast food brand, increasing 11% during the campaign period.