It’s Not Alright, It’s Arthritis – partnering with Global Radio

The challenge

Arthritis affects 1 in 6 people in the UK. We were asked to help raise awareness of the condition and provide a voice for the millions of people it affects every day. 

The solution

We sought a media partner for their trusted voice to make arthritis impossible to ignore. Global Radio’s idea was brilliantly simple; using innovative audio experiences that can powerfully communicate the effects of this invisible disease.  

It was important to Versus Arthritis that the voices for the campaign were authentic, and so we enlisted over twenty Global Radio presenters who have been impacted by the condition in some way, as well people with arthritis who wanted to share their stories.

We created special adverts with key audio missing, to demonstrate what arthritis steals from people every day. This was jarring and attention grabbing.

Everything culminated in A Special Report Week on LBC with live interviews and Arthritis Action Day where Global staff joined together Versus Arthritis to ask the nation to #speakout and #joinus to support the charity through live station reads and internal quizzes, polls and more.


  • We reached almost 50% of all adults over a 2-week period 
  • 66% of recall respondents agreed the campaign changed their perceptions of the condition 
  • 63% increase between test and recall respondents claiming they feel they should do something to support 
  • 7 out of 10 recall respondents claimed to have taken action after hearing the campaign on radio