Fitness Genes – Storytelling through Audio

The challenge

Fitness Genes are a health based science and tech start up offering personalized fitness and health recommendations matched to consumers DNA via the world’s most comprehensive fitness and health DNA test. With relatively low brand awareness in a growing market for personalised health, Fitness Genes needed to make a start up budget work hard to connect with new prospects, while proving the credibility of their offering.
Our campaign needed to hit several objectives from category and brand awareness through to demonstrable conversion among a bullseye audience of professionals aged 25-54 . With this in mind, Fitness Genes needed to find a compelling story telling medium that captured the attention of this niche demographic within the highly saturated health and fitness space.

The solution

We needed a platform/media that allowed us to target effectively, as well as borrow credibility through clever use of talent, partners and storytelling from those trusted in the space. As a new product with complicated messaging, we landed on podcasts where we’d have the time and creativity to get across our core messages in a trusted environment, notoriously loved by the busy professional. In partnership with Acast we paired up with influential podcasters who came on a journey with the brand over an 8-week period, documenting their experience and sharing their results with their listeners in host reads. Listeners also got access to exclusive promo codes to try Fitness Genes for themselves.


We overdelivered on every element of the campaign, exceeding reach and expectations for code redemptions across the board.
We also saw, as a direct result of this campaign, triple digit increase in account sign ups.