Falken Tyres – sponsors Characters on Dave

The challenge

Falken Tyres traditionally targeted local audiences relative to their flagship dealerships, but to grow awareness of the brand at a national level we needed a change in strategy

The solution

Broadcast sponsorship provided a cost-effective opportunity to drive awareness at scale. We identified Dave as one of the strongest indexing channels against our ‘middle laner’ male skewed target audience. The ‘Characters on Dave’ bespoke hours package offered strong reach & frequency, as well as enabling us to drive positive association with much loved comedians on the channel. We worked directly with UKTV to create a humorous suite of idents whilst also demonstrating Falken Tyres’ reliability


The sponsorship delivered healthy cut through with significant increases in top-of-mid awareness.

We saw above average impact on brand familiarity, positivity and propensity to purchase, leading to a significant uptick in consideration of Falken Tyres amongst viewers.

The activity drove a strong ROI figure & the highest sales up-lift for Falken vs. other media channels. Given the overall success of the campaign, the sponsorship continues to underpin the media strategy for the brand