Curry’s Intel & Livewire Hall of Game

The challenge

Encourage PC gamers to treat themselves to new (Intel) tech and give customers the confidence that Currys are the true home of gaming in the UK

The solution

Currys and Intel teamed up with Livewire to create the ‘Grammys of Gaming’ in a bid to find the best set ups across the UK.

Launching with a live stream on twitch, fronted by leading gaming influencer Miniminter, we encouraged the gaming community to upload photos of their own set ups for a chance to win a Currys voucher.

Miniminter was joined by Currys’ colleague Steve who helped judge the entries, firmly positioning the brand as experts in this space. Activity was amplified across Discord and DBLTAP to further engage the gaming community in a truly authentic way, as well as extending reach via in-game billboard ads and rewarded video.


  • The live streams delivered 120k views (+20% vs. target)
  • Integrating Currys into the content was a success with Steve becoming a firm fan favourite
  • The campaign delivered an impressive 37k engagements, equating to a 3% engagement rate
  • Impressions surpassed the target by 38%