Currys – Cutting through the Black Friday noise with Bauer

The challenge

Interest in Black Friday has waned in recent years with consumers doubting the value of the deals on offer. We had a job to do in proving that Currys Black Friday offers were the real deal and better than consumers thought; we wanted to position Currys as the destination for Black Friday, raising awareness of the Currys price promise and flexible credit options, ultimately driving sales.

The solution

Building on previous Black Friday campaigns and armed with updated audience insight data, we knew radio was best placed to capture attention, build excitement and drive immediate results. Working closely with Bauer we selected sponsorship of Tyler West’s Kiss drive time show, and The Dave Berry Absolute Radio breakfast show. The campaign was strategically flighted with high frequency of on-air messaging showcasing product and live in-show promotions at key times to rev up the activity in the build up to the main event. The campaign built to a crescendo with a massive Black Friday takeover including 5 days of pre-promotional trails and live in-show wins as part of a £10,000 prize fund. We employed a ‘don’t lose your nerve style’ on-air game where participants faced increasingly large cash prize amounts and challenged to cash out or risk losing it all, created a sense of fun to drive hype and excitement ultimately reinvigorating the urgency of Black Friday and the thrill of a win, much like the feeling when you nab a Currys bargain.


Our in show promotions and cash prize competition enhanced engagement, leading to a 13% YoY increase in Black Friday Deal Sales and a 15% margin uplift.
Currys Price Promise awareness rose by 19%, and awareness of flexible credit options increased by 21%, surpassing market competitors. Furthermore we saw staggering high recall figures of 71% and a subsequent +22% increase in consideration of Currys at Christmas, at time when the market is increasingly saturated.

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