Currys – experts in tech

The challenge

Currys have partnered with the Gadget Show for over 13 years. The role for the partnership has evolved over time, from a simple awareness driver via TV sponsorship, to a collaborative programme finance model which incorporates content production featuring talent from the show

The solution

Through the partnership, Currys identify relevant and emerging tech themes and iconic products for The Gadget Show presenters to review.

Recently, attending to one of the major international tech conferences; CES in Las Vegas, the Gadget Show team produced high quality social content to support Currys future tech credentials


This relationship demonstrates the mutual benefits of a long-standing partnership for all stakeholders. So much so it has been the longest running TV partnership on Channel 5.

Most importantly it continues to reinforce the audiences’ belief that Currys is a genuine authority when it comes to tech, in the face of increased competition from online retailers