Clarins Super Restorative – It’s High Time to Talk about Menopause

The challenge

Drive awareness of Clarins’ updated Super Restorative range designed specifically to support menopausal skin, positioning them as experts in this space. We wanted to inform and empower an ever-growing community of women experiencing peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.

The solution

Acknowledging that conversations around the menopause are still considered taboo, and the myriad of symptoms can often leave women feeling confused altogether, we identified that Clarins had to position itself as an ally for women at this life stage. We knew that joining in on emerging conversations from authoritative voices would help position Clarins’ offering in the most sensitive way. By partnering with HELLO!, a brand at the forefront of menopause conversations with initiatives such as the 2021 Workplace Menopause Pledge, we were able to leverage their credibility, and tap into a highly engaged audience. We worked with a collective of experts and allies, including well-known names such as Gabby Logan MBE, Loose Women favourite Nadia Sawalha and This Morning’s go-to specialist, Dr Zoe Williams, who all acknowledged that it was ‘high time’ to talk about the menopause, and came together to share their experiences and advice on how to self advocate. These stories were channelled through a long-form original video series, with advice-led snackable social content, and educational print and digital executions that seamlessly integrated Clarins’ Super Restorative range.


We have seen strong engagement and positive sentiment across the board on social – delivering one of our key objectives; to fuel the narrative around the menopause and create empowered communities.
The campaign directly generated conversation, with the HELLO! Facebook menopause group growing its membership by 103%, and our narrative articles on HELLO! ranked #1 in Google Top Stories against ‘menopause’ keyword.

Our content really drove interest in the topic, demonstrated by incredibly high engagements (12.21% average from the ‘High Time’ long-form video series) and dwell times across articles (3m40s average). They also had lasting impact, and drove the empowerment we were aiming to achieve, with our campaign research showing a +208% uplift in the audience feeling empowered.

Lastly, we exceeded our primary awareness KPI, delivering overall a +30% average increase in brand awareness.